Resource Picks: CD-ROMs

Recommendations on materials and resources for your classroom


In the field of ESL we know the value of visual learning. Kidspiration, the K-5 version of Inspiration, is an outstanding tool for young English language learners. It helps them represent ideas using pictures when they don't yet have the language to express themselves in English. Kidspiration also helps ELLs brainstorm ideas and organize information.

Tortoise and the Hare

Based on the Aesop Fable, this book has a wide appeal for my new English Language Learners. Newcomers at all grade levels recognize this tale which has been translated into many languages. Almost all of my older students understand the moral of this story which they have read in their native language.

Usborne's Animated First Thousand Words

With this CD-ROM from Scholastic, students can click on a picture, hear the words, and see how they are written in 35 scenes from everyday life. Originally designed to help young native speakers of English learn to read, this program is a great beginning vocabulary builder. You can buy it from Educational Resources, 1-800-624-2926 or you can find it online by going to Usborne Books At Home.