Resource Picks: Books

Recommendations on materials and resources for your classroom

A Life Like Mine

"A Life Like Mine" published by DK in conjunction with UNICEF is a wonderful resource about children around the world. The book examines how children survive in varous countries worldwide. The basic theme is one of the rights of the child: Rights to water, food, home and health. Further rights of education, play, protection and identity are also examined. This book is an outstanding resource for all children. It makes a major statement about the rights of children.

American Manners and Customs

Author Elizabeth Claire has published a terrific book for adult newcomers to the U.S.A . Entitled American Manners and Customs, it is a guide for English Language learners taken from her newspaper, Easy English News. This book provides newcomers with complete information about what Americans expect from other people in social situations. Contact Elizabeth through her website ElizabethClaire.Com to order.

Carbo Recorded Books

Published by the National Reading Styles Institute, Carbo Recorded Books are a good resource for ESL students. With the Carbo Method, real children's literature is read and recorded at a slower-than-normal speed without distracting background sounds. Each book is marked for reading and interest level. Let your ESL students take a book home and listen to it. They will benefit from the additional time spent listening to English.


From the authors of Children Just Like Me, comes this wonderful book of holiday celebrations around the world featuring children from eighteen countries. Conveniently arranged by seasons and includes secular holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, as well as religious holidays from a variety of world religions.

Children Just Like Me

Explore the lives of children around the world with this exceptional resource by Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley for UNICEF. This book features photographs of children from 30 countries with their homes, families, dress, food, and games.

Referenced in: Developing a Multicultural Curriculum, Establishing an Atmosphere of Acceptance.

Explore America

This American history series emphasizes the role of immigration, as well as religious and democratic values, in the development of the United States. Geography, economics, and literature are all tied to the history, then events are related to the students' own experiences.

Frog on a Log

A wonderful resource2 for teaching a kindergarten or 1st grade science unit on frogs. Complete with fun, engaging songs and terrific classroom activities. You will soon here your students sing to themselves, "I want to be an F-R-O-G frog and sit all day on an L-O-G spells log!" Includes cassette tape.

Getting Started with English Language Learners - Download 2 chapter for free!

Download the first two chapters of Getting Started with English Language Learners by Judie Haynes for free. This book will provide you with basic concepts and can't-miss strategies for boosting the achievement of your English language learners whether you're new to teaching ELLs or an old hand.

Getting Started with English Language Learners: How Educators Can Meet the Challenge

By Judie Haynes. This guide for classroom teachers and administrators will provide you with canít-miss strategies for boosting the achievement of English language learners. Learn about the challenges ELLs face when learning English and how teachers can differentiate instruction for them. Gain information to help you work with newly arrived students. Professional development activities for mainstream teachers are also included.

Jolly Time popcorn

The Jolly Time popcorn site is a commercial site which sells popcorn products. However, it also features a "Kid's Club" section with games, activities, crafts, jokes and recipes as well a factual information for older children.

Life in the Desert

Students love this animal resource2 with its colorful pictures and well-written text.

Life in the Polar Regions

Melvin Berger's Series on animal habitats for Newbridge Educational Publishing is an excellent resource2 for ELLs. Beautiful pictures with short text makes it a favorite.

Living Things : Concept Science

This series of eleven books is an excellent introduction to basic concepts about animal classification. Using very simple language, each book clearly develops the basic attributes of nine classifications of animals. There is a quiz at the end of each book along with a few pages of activities.

Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Learners

Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Learners is a book about the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP). This book is by Jana Echevarria, MaryEllen Vogt and Deborah J. Short. It is an important reference if you want to teach classroom teachers to use content-based ESL instruction methods.

Ranger Rick Science Spectacular

The Ranger Rick series of science books published by Newbridge are excellent for ELLs. The content is rich but the language is simplified. The pictures are appealing to students of all ages. Try any one of their titles, My students enjoyed: The World of Sound; Amazing Sharks; Animals in Danger or Bats!

Snowy Day

A boy wakes up to find the world covered in snow. He goes out to play. Keats's illustrations capture the wondrous adventures he has in the snow.

Ten Read Alouds for ELLs

Doris Hoover is an Educational Program Specialist in Camden, N.J. who has written a book of ten preschool ESL activities. This book can be bought through her website where she features a new unit each month.

The Popcorn Shop

This "Hello Reader" book from Scholastic is a fun book for parents to read to their children or for beginning readers to read aloud. The story encourages imagination and fosters skills such as predicting and sequencing.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This website gives the history of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Students can learn the background on the selection of the design and what the designer intended.

VietNam Moving Wall Memorial

This is a narrated tour of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. with interviews with Vietnam Vets who are visiting the Wall.