Resource Picks

Recommendations on materials and resources for your classroom

National Geographic

 This site not only provides you with geographic and historical concepts, issues and events but it also links to countless other web sites.

Biomes of the World

 This website takes students into the different biomes of the world. Explore rainforest, temperate dediduous forests, tundras, grasslands and taigas. Investigate freshwater and marine ecosystems. This site makes a good addition to science units on these topics.

Referenced in: Forests, Deserts & Grasslands, Polar Regions, Find the Frog.

Children Just Like Me

 Explore the lives of children around the world with this exceptional resource by Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley for UNICEF. This book features photographs of children from 30 countries with their homes, families, dress, food, and games.

Referenced in: Developing a Multicultural Curriculum, Establishing an Atmosphere of Acceptance.

Dave's Snowflake Page

 Use this creative resource2 for winter activites with students of all ages. There is a special section just for kids with snowflake patterns and easy-to- follow directions.

Referenced in: Snow Similes, Winter Puzzles, Let It Snow!.

ˇColorín Colorado!

 ˇColorín Colorado! ˇColorín Colorado! is a wealth of information for all educators of ELLs. It also provides information, activities, and advice for Spanish-speaking parents of ELLs. Teachers are invited to print and distribute the information on this site. Check it out. It's worth the visit.