Real and Fictional Wolves

Real and Fictional Wolves

by Judie Haynes

Help your young English language learners conduct research using nonfiction books. Teach students to make comparisons between fiction and nonfiction using a Venn Diagram.

Lesson Topic

Comparing fictional wolves with real wolves

Proficiency/Grade Level

High Beginner to Intermediate ESL, Grades 2-8

Goal and Standard

Goal 2, Standard 2

Content Concepts and Skills

Students will demonstrate understanding of the difference between real and fictional wolves through critical reading and comparisons while using a Venn Diagram.


Story of the The Three Little Pigs by James Marshall; The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka, nonfiction books on wolves, Venn diagram.

Instructional Sequence

Activity Downloads

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PDF fileVenn diagram (2k .PDF)

PDF fileT-Chart (2k .PDF)

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