Who's Inside the Mitten?

Who's Inside the Mitten?

by Judie Haynes

Drama provides a means to get everyone in your ESL class actively involved in second language learning. Students develop self-confidence and improve their oral language skills. They also practice performing in front of a group.

Lesson Topic

Animals in Jan Brett's book, "The Mitten."

Proficiency/Grade Level:

Advanced Beginners to Low Intermediates in grades K-2.

Content Concepts and Skills:

Social vocabulary; oral language, sequencing, oral reading,

Lesson Objectives

1. Students will demonstrate comprehension of the story "The Mitten."

2. Students will retell the story.

3. Students will write and perform a group play.

Materials Needed:

Animal masks; Play "No One Says "No" to a Big Bear;" Animal cut-outs with mitten


Mole, snowshoe rabbit, kickers, hedgehog, prickles, owl, talons, badger, diggers, fox, bear, mouse.

Instructional Sequence:

Activity Downloads

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PDF fileNo One Says "No" to a Big Bear (3k .PDF)

Resource Picks

Jan Brett's Homepage
Created by children's author Jan Brett, this website contains outstanding activities and materials to use with her books. The wonderful illustrations make it a very special place for teachers of students in grades K-2. I was so inspired by the materials, I created a new thematic unit to go with "The Mitten."