Groundhog Day in  Punsxutawney, PA

Groundhog Day in Punsxutawney, PA

by Judie Haynes

From its beginnings in Germany to the lights, camera and action of Hollywood, Groundhog Day has been celebrated in Punsxutawney, PA on February 2nd for more than a century. Read the history of this tradition, look at Phil's predictions for the last 100 years, and find interesting sites for your English language learners.

Lesson Topic

Ground Hog Day in Pennsylvania

Proficiency/Grade Level:

Grades K-3; Beginning to Intermediate students.

Content Concepts/Skills

Weather; folklore


groundhog, woodchuck, burrow, hibernate, shadow, claws, rodent, Punsxutawney, prediction

Materials Needed:

Websites about Groundhog Day which are appropriate to age of students. Downloaded booklets from Enchanted Learning. There are several different booklets for K-2 students. I used the "I See" booklet for K-1 and the "Groundhog Day" booklet for early fluent readers in grades 2-3.

Instructional Sequence

Resource Picks
This is the official site of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club. Take your K-4 students to discover the history of Groundhog Day and meet Punxsutawney Phil. Your young ESL students will love hearing the Punxsutawney crowd shouting,"Phil, Phil." See Phil's predictions for the last 100 years.