Teaching about Nuitrition

Teaching about Nuitrition

by Judie Haynes

Thematic units tend to unify instruction in literature, writing, science, and social studies. Since this unit on nuitrition is "hands-on" and can be taught through cooperative groups, your newcomers can participate at their own ability levels.

Lesson Topic

Food activities for newcomers

Proficiency/Grade Level

Grade 2-8 Beginning to Intermediate ESL

Content Concepts and Skills

Vocabulary for food names; understanding of the food pyramid; comparing and contrasting the taste of food.


Copy of the food pyramid; magazines with pictures of food; different types of cereals.

Instructional Sequence

Many of the activities above are excellent language and concept-building opportunities for ESL students, even those with very limited English. Working in cooperative groups, all students can participate in the blind taste test, create a poster or bulletin board on nutrition or work cooperatively to prepare food. Your English language learners should participate at their own ability level

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