Extreme Weather: Hurricanes

Extreme Weather: Hurricanes

by Nicole Koonce, Jennifer Conlon

Hurricanes are often in the news as they wreak havoc in the United States. Where do they come from? How do they form? Teach your ELLs this timely information about hurricanes.

Lesson Topic: Hurricanes

Grade/Proficiency Level: Grades 4-8; Advanced Beginning and Intermediate ESL; Goals:

Content goals: Students will demonstrate the ability to define key words and verbally recall conditions that must be present for a hurricane to form.

Linguistic goals: Students will learn and use descriptive terms such as spiraling, cyclone, typhoon, humidity, and tropical to tell about hurricanes in oral and written formats.

Communicative goals: Students will use the English language to describe hurricanes;students will request and contribute information about hurricanes in a conversational exchange with a partner.

Materials: KWL chart, sentence strips, markers, tape, internet access, video clip of a hurricane, geography resource books Cultures of the world: Taiwan; and Korea: Enchantment of the world

Vocabulary: Hurricane, typhoon, cyclone,spiraling, spiral, cyclonic, circling, spinning, humidity, humid, moisture, moist, tropical

Instructional Sequence


High Beginner ESL

Intermediate English Language Learners

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Jennifer Conlon is a 7th and 8th grade science teacher with the Providence Public Schools in Providence, RI.