Study Skills for ELLS

Study Skills for ELLS

by Judie Haynes

English language learners may need help in learning how to study for content area tests. Here are some helpful techniques that you can teach them.

ESL professionals realize that the best way to assess English language learners (ELLs) is to build assessment into instructional activities. We prefer to scaffold assessment in order to provide support for our students. However, ELLs must learn to survive in the real world of the content area class. It is useful, therefore, to teach second language learners study skills.

Study Skills for ELLS

Here are some studying techniques to show students when they are preparing for tests.

How to memorize material effectively

ELLS need to learn to space study sessions so that they are not overwhelmed by the language demands and the content material to be mastered at the same time. They will be more apt to remember material if it is studied over several days (or weeks) rather than in a single session. Here are some "tricks" to help memorization.

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