Sensitize Your Mainstream Students

Sensitize Your Mainstream Students

by Judie Haynes

You want your newcomers to be accepted on the playground and on the school bus. Sensitize mainstream students to the challenges that new learners of English face.

You want mainstream students to accept and help the new learners of English in the lunchroom, on the playground, on the bus, in their neighborhoods. ESL and bilingual teachers need to help classroom teachers train their students to become sensitive to the challenges the newcomers face.

Use background information

Using cooperative groups of five or six students, have a group leader discuss the following questions: (This list can also be used in staff development to make adults more aware of the challenges newcomers face.)

Have each group of students present a short summary of what their group discussed and what conclustons they reached?

Reverse Roles

Rearrange the students again in groups of five or six. Have them discuss the following: Imagine that your parents had to move to Japan and took you to live there. You have to go to a Japanese school because there is no American school near your new home.

Ask each group to present a short oral paragraph about their group's discussion. Brainstorm with them how they would feel if they were newcomers in the United States. How would they want the students in their new school to treat them? How would they be able to communicate with their classmates?

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