Preschool websites for teachers

Preschool websites for teachers

by Judie Haynes

"Help! I am teaching four and five year olds. What do I do?" you ask. Have you searched the internet? There is a wealth of information on early childhood or preschool teaching. These sites are designed to teach basic concepts to native English speakers but lessons can be adapted for ELLs.

Themes for PreSchool

Here are some websites with preschool information.

Art Ideas for Preschool

Songs for Preschool

Children’s Literature Sites

Commercial Preschool Curricula

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Preschool Teaching
One of the most frequent inquiries on the Ask Judie Bulletin Board is from preschool teachers all over the world. They have asked for themes, lessons, and materials to implement in their preschool classes. Here are some ideas that will help answer their questions.

Resource Picks

Language Castle
Language Castle is an excellent website by Karen Nemeth for pre-school teachers of English language learners.

Room 108
Room 108 is a primary education site for kids. There are lots of free online games but all with an educational focus. There are also many teacher tools such as a worksheet generator. Access to everything in the Teacher's Store is only $19.99.