Elementary Web Sites for English Language Learners

Elementary Web Sites for English Language Learners

by Judie Haynes

Attention all elementary ESL and classroom teachers! Do you want to discover great web sites for the English language learners in your class? Here is a painless way to give students English language practice in the classroom or at home.

There are not many websites designed especially for elementary-age English language learners. In order to provide these students with extra practice in English, it is necessary to examine sites intended for English native speakers.

How do students use these sites? First, I introduce a web site in ESL class and allow students to try out a few activities. In order to do this, you will need to have a computer in your room or access to a computer lab. I use wireless laptops in my room so that students can each look at their own screen.

Directions for accessing the site are handed out. Students then work on the site on their own in their mainstream classroom or, if they have a computer, at home. They print out results or make a screen shot and bring it to me the next day. Some games can not be printed or saved. In that case, I ask students to practice a skill for homework and do the game again quickly in class the next day. In some cases, the information on a site will need to be modified for English language learners. Some of the sites listed will not be suitable for beginners in a particular grade cluster.

Here is a list of some of the sites my students are using.

Sites for Grades PreK-2

Sites for Grades 3-5

Sites for Grades 4-8

Resource Picks

Storyline Online
Storyline Online is sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild and features celebrities reading children's books. Lou Diamond Phillips, Melissa Gilbert, Jason Alexander and Al Gore are among the SAG members who read.