How Does Your School Rate?

How Does Your School Rate?

by Elizabeth Claire, Judie Haynes

Participate in a district goal to make your school a wonderful place for newcomers. Here are some practices you could adopt.

Establish a district goal to make your school a wonderful place for newcomers. Here are some low cost ideas to achieve that aim.

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Establishing an Atmosphere of Acceptance
Discover how you can alleviate many newcomers' fears by creating an atmosphere of acceptance and welcome in all of your classes.

How Culture Shock Affects Newcomers
Don't underestimate the results of culture shock. The emotional upheaval of moving can be devastating to any child. These symptoms are compounded when the child comes from a different culture and does not speak English.

Pair Your Newcomers with Buddies
Assign a buddy or a cross-grade tutor to your English language learner and watch them both blossom. Buddies gain in self esteem and your ELLs will feel welcome in your class

Sensitize Your Mainstream Students
You want your newcomers to be accepted on the playground and on the school bus. Sensitize mainstream students to the challenges that new learners of English face.

Working with Bilingual Parent Volunteers
Develop a resource of parents who can help translate, interpret, and communicate

About the Authors

Elizabeth Claire is the author of 22 texts and teacher resources in the field of English as a Second Language. She co-founded Easy English NEWS in 1996 and is currently the publisher, editor and main writer for Easy English NEWS.

Judie Haynes is a former ESL teacher, author and professional development provider.